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Dinner Menu (available all day)

Yakitori (chicken on skewer) 6.95
Gyoza (dumplings) 6.95
Edamame (cooked soy beans) 3.95
Seasoned Edamame (seasoned and pan fried soy beans) 4.95
Oshitashi (lightly cooked spinach w/soy sauce dressing) 5.95
Goma E (lightly cooked spinach w/ sesame sauce) 5.95
Hiyayakko (chilled tofu topped w/ bonito, green onion and grated ginger) 6.50
Agedashi Tofu (deep fried bean cake w/ lightly seasoned sauce) 6.95
Ika Tempura (deep fried squid) 7.50
Ebi Tempura (deep fried shrimp w/ vegetables) 7.50
Veggie Tempura (deep fried vegetables) 6.95 
Fried Oyster (deep fried oyster) 8.95
Soft Shell Crab (deep fried soft shell crab) 7.95
Hamachi Kama (broiled yellowtail jaw bone) 7.95
4 pcs. Sushi Combination (assorted) 7.95
Sunomono (ebi or kani) 5.95
Sunomono (tako) 8.95
6 pcs. Deep Fried Shrimp 9.95
Fresh Oyster (6 pcs of half shells) 13.95
Tofu Salad (pan fried tofu mixed vegetables w/ teriyaki sauce) 9.50
Croquette (deep fried mashed potato and vegetables; 2 pcs) 5.95
Shisyamo, 5 pcs 7.95

NOODLE (served w/ soup or salad)
Teriyaki Noodle (chicken, beef, or tofu) 9.95
Teriyaki Seafood Noodle 11.95

DONBURI (over rice; served w/ soup or salad)
Beef Donburi 11.95
Chicken Donburi 10.95
Tempura Donburi 7.95
Katsudon (breaded pork) 10.95
Sukiyaki Donburi 11.95
Chicken Katsu Donburi 10.95

UDON (Japanese noodle in hot soup; served w/ soup or salad)
Beef Udon 11.50
Chicken Udon 10.50
Tempura Udon 12.95
Nabe Udon (beef topped w/ tempura) 12.95
Seafood Udon 13.50
Vegetable Udon 9.50

DINNER (served w/ rice, miso soup and small salad)
Beef Teriyaki 15.95
Chicken Teriyaki 12.95
Salmon Teriyaki 15.95
Saba Shioyaki (broiled mackerel) 14.95
Seafood (deep fried oyster, white fish, prawns, scallop on hot plate w/ teriyaki sauce) 16.95
Tonkatsu (deep fried breaded port cutlet) 14.95
Chicken Katsu (deep fried breaded chicken) 14.95
Prawn Katsu (deep fried breaded four Jumbo prawns) 16.95
Calamari Katsu (deep fried breaded squid) 16.95
Combination Tempura (deep fried shrimp, vegetables and squid) 14.95
Prawn Tempura (deep fried shrimp and vegetables) 13.95
Sukiyaki (sliced beef or chicken, tofu, clear noodle and vegetables cooked in sukiyaki sauce) 14.50
Chicken Karage (Japasese chicken nuggets) 13.95
Yosenabe (sliced chicken, scallop, shrimp, white fish, oyster, clear noodle, tofu w/broth & ponzu sauce) 16.95 
Samurai Spaghetti (scallop, shrimp, green mussel, Japanese noodle w/ special sauce) 15.95
Spicy Tofu Soup (Korean-style spicy soup w/ tofu and assorted vegetables; beef or seafood) 10.95
Chili Soup 육계장 (spicy beef broth with veggies) 12.95
Bul-Go-Gi 불고기 (Korean BBQ beef) 12.95
Gal-Bee 갈비 (Korean short ribs) 15.95
Stone Bi-Bim-Bap 돌솥비빔밥 (beef and veggie over rice in a stone pot) 12.95
Kid's Meal (inquire for details) 5.95

Sukiyaki & Tempura 15.95
Sukiyaki & Tuna Sashimi 15.95
Sukiyaki & Chicken Teriyaki 16.95
Beef & Chicken Teriyaki 16.95
Beef Teriyaki & Tempura 16.95
Chicken Teriyaki & Tuna Sashimi 16.95
Chicken Teriyaki & Saba Shioyaki 16.95
Chicken Teriyaki & Tempura 15.95
Tempura & Tuna Sashimi 16.95
Tempura & Salmon Teriyaki 16.95
Saba Shioyaki & Tuna Sashimi 16.95

(Served w/ combination tempura, chicken yakitori, tuna sashimi or sushi,
chicken teriyaki, saba shioyaki, and sukiyaki) 
Deluxe 1 (dinner for three) 49.00
Deluxe 2 (dinner for four) 62.00

COMBINATION SUSHI (fish selected by chef)
Moriawase (4 pcs sushi combo & California Maki) 10.95
Nigiri ( 6 pcs sushi combo & California Maki) 15.95
Nigiri Deluxe (12 pcs sushi combination) 19.95
Korean Chirashi 회덮밥 (variety of raw fish over steamed rice w/spicy Korean sauce) 18.95
Unagi Donburi (freshwater eel over rice) 15.95
Tekka Donburi (slices of raw tuna over rice) 24.95

Yuburi Salmon Salad (shabu-shabu salmon, tempura bits, daikon radish, mixed green salad w/ house dressing) 14.50
Spicy Seafood Salad (combination fish and mixed vegetables w/ sweet-spicy sauce) 16.95
Spicy Salmon Skin Salad (creamy spicy salmon skin, crab meat salad including avocado, cucumber and lettuce) 10.50
Tuna Tataki (seared red or white tuna w/ special sauce) 16.95
Salmon Tataki (lightly grilled salmon with Japanese spicy seasoning sauce w/ garlic sauce on top) 14.95
King Lobster (baked lobsert w/ special sauce) 16.95
Lobster Salad (baked lobster on top of mixed greens w/onion, avocado, cucumber & special sauce) 17.95
BBQ Albacore Tuna (lightly grilled albacore tuna marinated w/ spicy sauce) 13.95
Tiger Eye (salmon wrapped w/ squid and baked w/ special sauce) 9.95
Ahi Fry (fried tuna w/ special sauce) 14.95
Jimmy's Special (thinly sliced albacore tuna or salmon w/ garlic sesame oil and green onion on top) 12.95
Baked Mussel (lightly baked green mussel w/ special sauce) 9.95
Sea Steak (lightly cooked tuna w/ special sauce) 13.95
Baked Scallop (scallop on top of rice covered w/ special sauce; baked) 11.95
Live Scallop 15.95
Pepper Fin (sliced sashimi style white fish with sweet & spicy sauce topped w/ jalapenos and tobiko) 15.00

Xango Fried Cheesecake (rich smooth cheesecake rolled in a melt-in-your-mouth flaky pastry and fried to a golden brown) 5.50
Triple Layer Mousse Cake (layers of white chocolate, milk chocolate and decadent dark chocolate) 5.50
Molten Chocolate Cake (delicious rich chocolate cake w/ a warm luscious molten chocolate center) 5.50
Tempura Fried Ice Cream 5.50
Mochi Ice Cream 1.65
Ice Cream (vanilla, green tea or red bean) 3.75

Rice 1.75
Soup 1.50
Salad 2.50
Ginger 1.75


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